Exclusive Pleasure for Men – Taoist Massage. Part I

You are eager to surprise your man in bed, but have already tried all the erotic techniques you knew? So, present him a Taoist massage! We mean not a common massage, but an intimate one. This fantastic procedure will make your man obsessed with you and his desire will strengthen.
Knowledge about the man’s body physiology including the structure of genitals had been applied by the ancient Chinese for centuries. Owing to special influence on some elements of our body it has become possible to regulate flows of a person’s inner energy. Such impact is rather useful for the person’s health in general and for his/her intimate life in particular.

As we know, the most sensitive zones are those concentrated on the genitals. According to the material selected by old Taoists, a man’s penis has the following reflexogenic zones:
- Head of penis
- Upper part of the penis stem
- Middle area of the penis stem
- Base of penis
- Testicles.

The energy of life circulates in the organism being presented in each organ and tissues. Sexual energy is a quintessence of the life energy.
Sexual reflexotherapy based on the application of sexual energy is able to activate internal source of vital strength.
All the above mentioned Taoist postulates are known to professional Ukraine escorts providing exciting Taoist massage for their grateful clients. Each experienced Kiev escort knows well that to give a man complete sexual pleasure it is necessary to stimulate the entire penis, from its bottom to the head. Stimulating only separate parts of the organ can lead to misbalance in the work of the organism. The thing is Kiev escorts understand that the process of influencing different zones of the body influences each organ. That’s why it is very important to direct vital energy to each part of the body. Owing to Taoist massage each gifted Ukraine escort presents her clients the most exciting emotions from sex.

Skillful Ukraine escorts know the psychology and anatomy of a man’s body. That’s why Kiev escorts are considered to be true priestesses of love. Men feel just like powerful kings in the hands of their careful Ukraine escort ladies. Taoist massage with a beautiful Kiev escort is an absolutely indulging and healthy procedure giving a man more liveliness and life energy. Taoist massage is a way to endless power over a man’s heart.

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