Exclusive Pleasure for Men – Taoist Massage. Part II

So, Taoist massage has exceptionally positive impact on the organism. And if it won’t make you a mistress of your man, so it will at least add him health and give extreme pleasure. This type of massage is especially effective in the morning and from 15.00 to 19.00 when high activity of the urino-genital system is observed. It is desired that a man would abstain from sex during 15-20 minutes after massage.

Now let’s see the main stages and spots for the massage.
1. Activate reflexogenic zones on feet. Mild massage of the feet is a wonderful means for relaxing body and stimulating sexual centre of a man. Give a soft bite to the tip toe of the man in order to increase sexual energy of him. Them go on massaging legs moving from feet up to knees and hips.
2. Masseur testicles with soft touches of warm fingers. Move around about 36 times. Your touches will stimulate testosterone release (and it strengthens man’s power!). However, be cautious, for this zone is very sensitive for men. Just mind your partner’s reaction and act according to the situation.
3. Come to massaging of the penis head. First of all knead it with light moves of two fingers. You can slap it on the hip to activate the blood flow.
4. Rub the entire penis with careful moves of fingers.
5. Move to the zone of prostate making round moves (during one-two minutes).

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