Understanding Your Man in Bed. Part I

You would probably agree that all women try to reach full harmony in relations with their partners. It is believed that two main factors detecting harmony are love and knowledge. Here we mean understanding of mutual desires in intimate life. Each woman makes all possible to indulge her partner completely. But only lasting relations can give clear understanding of your man’s desires and preferences in bed. And what about fresh couples? They also want to be happy, though still don’t know each other well. So, there are some methods to get the sacred "knowledge".

- Ask!
The easiest way to know your man’s erotic wishes is to talk to him about them. Many women feel shy to ask, for they are afraid of being treated like lecherous prostitutes. In reality even the most taciturn man will eagerly discuss his erotic desires and tell about his sacred sex fantasies. If a man still doesn’t want to establish frank contact with you, try to explain that you just want to know everything about him – from a favourite dish to the most comfortable posture in sex.

- Run experiments!
Sometimes even mere experiments provide best results. Before practice study the theory (read several useful articles in the internet or some book on man-woman relations). Remember those suggestions you’d like to try with your partner. Changes are always useful. Start with the simplest things: change the bed location, buy new linen and think over a tempting role play. You know, professional Ukraine escorts rather rarely have troubles with making their clients’ intimate life variable. Kiev escorts are so uninhibited and gifted that can create the most unexpected environment for amazing sex. Each experienced Ukraine escort has an arsenal of erotic lingerie and fascinating odds and ends making sex plays vivid and interesting. If a sexy Kiev escort wants to make a man aroused, she can simply suggest looking through her naked photos. There are hundreds of methods to stir up a man’s feelings, indeed.

- Be active!
Don’t be afraid of suggesting something new and unexpected. These can be your effective trumps. For example, experienced Ukraine escorts don’t let their clients be bored with dullness. A beautiful Kiev escort is a burst of energy and positive emotions. Kiev escorts are insisting and very active in sex. Clients love them for their liveliness. No Ukraine escort would make a client feel alone. Be sharing and vigorous with your man!

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