Understanding Your Man in Bed. Part II

- Think about neatness and beauty!
Your partner would hardly reproach you with dirty floor or old linen during sex, but these aspects can influence his mood greatly. Neat room and cozy bed are very important, indeed. Warm and pleasant environment, comfortable surrounding will be your best assistants in tempting your man. You shouldn’t spend much money on expensive silk linen. Just clean bookshelves, put fresh juice and fruits on the table and air the flat. Your efforts will be awarded.
If you have decided to try something extraordinary (say, aroma sticks or massage oils) or exotic, try to discuss it with your man before to avoid his rejection in the most important moment.

- Learn to interpret your partner’s hints right!
Men’s logics and mind are quite different from the women’s ones. That’s why each woman has to learn how to understand man’s words and behavior. Of course, you need some time to know your partner better. But if you have such a desire and make efforts, so all the necessary knowledge will come earlier and you will be ready to make your man really happy with you.

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Ukraine escorts are women with whom any man can feel comfortable. Each woman of any status (of a wife or girl-friend) should try to behave like a relaxed Kiev escort. It will allow really indulging sex for both partners. You can look through photos of best Kiev escorts and try to apply some of their postures or dresses. We are sure that your man will highly appreciate not only the result of your tries, but also the fact you are not indifferent to your intimate life. It can make him to be active in this sense, too. Maybe your plan for the evening will bring you an unexpected flower next evening, even if He did that last so long time ago.
Don’t forget that all depends on you both and try to do your best to provide happy and lasting relations in your family!


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