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We are glad to announce that you have a prospective opportunity of getting job at Solitaire Models. Our agency suggests flexible work hours and absolute safety for you. We also preserve your privacy, so provide full confidentiality. Employment at Solitaire Models is your first step on the way to the career of elite Kiev escort. If you have already got some job experience in this area, we are sure here you'd find more comfortable conditions and payment rate than in any other Kiev agency. The thing is our agency pays much attention to all the escorts employed and gives them from 50% to 70% for each order; our competitors propose their escorts just about 40%. We also take care of our ladies' health and life, that's why all the clients are exceptionally respectable people (rich businessmen and influential politicians), their background is studied thoroughly before taking the order.

Take into consideration that in order to get employment at our agency you are to be of age, but not older than 35. We also want you to be well-bred and intelligent person ready to perform your speaker's skills in any social environment. It goes without saying you should have a slender figure and attractive appearance. Your original (!) photos are to be sent along with your application form filled up properly. The respond will be given within a day.

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