Escorts Dictionary

69 = Parteners stimulate each other.

AM = Ass-Mouth = His penis or any other object moves out of the girl's bum to her mouth.

AMP = Asiatic Massage Parlour.

Babyback = Amazing and sexy Asian girl

Bait = Misleading information concerning the escort lady's personal characteristics.

Balloons = Artificial woman's bust.

Bareback = Sex, which is not protected by a condom.

BBBJ (Bareback Blow Job) = Oral sex without using a condom.

BBBJC (Bareback Blow Job Completed) = The client gets orgasm of oral sex, no condom is used = The girl swallows up or spits the semen.

BBF = Busty Beautiful Feme = The name for a plump but sexy escort.

BDSM = Bondaged and Decent, Sadistic and Masochistic.

BF = Boyfriend.

BFA = Boyfriend Attitude = The girl would treat the client as if he were her beloved man.

Bisexual = A person equally attracted by the two sexes.

BJ = Blow Job = Deep fellation.

BLS = Balls licked and sucked.

BS = Body Sliding = Her body lubricated and sliding down the man's body.

BSM = Body Sexual Massage = Sometimes hand stimulation is included.

CBJ = Covered Blow Job = Fellatorism, condom is used.

CD = Cross-dressing = A person acting as another sex representative in order to get emotional satisfaction.

CFS = Covered Full Service

CME = Client Massaging Escort.

Completion = Another term for orgasm.

Cover = Another term for condom, sometimes called Bag or Jimmy (party) Hat, raincoat, umbrella.

Cowgirl = Position in sex with the woman on top.

Date = Meeting an escorting girl.

DDE = Doesn't Do Extras.

DFK = Deep French Kissing, kissing with tongue.

DFK = Decent French Kiss = Kiss without using a tongue.

DIT = Deep into Throat = Complete swallowing the penis.

Donation = The term escorts use for naming the payment for their services.

DT = Don't Touch = The girl wouldn't allow sensual contact.

Envelope = Means the payment is to be placed into the cover, not given to the girl directly.

Escort Agency = Special organization to arrange the client's meeting the chosen escorts girls.

FK = French Kiss.

FP = Face Painting = Ejaculating over the girl's face.

FSC = Full Service Covered

Incall = Escorting girl meets the man at her place.

Indie = A girl working independently, no contacts with agency.

Mish = A sex position with a man on top.

ML = Massage lady.

MO = Multiple Orgasms.

Newbie = A fresh escorting girl or visitor

Outcall = The client meets the girl at his residence.

OWO = Oral sex without a cover.

PBB = Penis Between Breasts.

PD = Private Dancing.

Pearl Necklace = The client's cum is over the girl's neck (chest).

SG = Street Goer.

STM = Semen to Mouth.

Water Play = Sometimes named Golden Shower = Urinating over the girl

WF = Wild Fucking.

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