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10 dangers of unprotected sex - Part 1

Spontaneous sex certainly brings bright impressions. But what dangers face women having unprotected sex? What is "unprotected sex"?It means any form of sexual contact (vaginal, anal, oral) without the use of barrier methods (traditional male condom;female condom;diaphragms).

The term "unprotected sex" is considered as contact of easy-minded or slutty people. Also it associates with an open relationship, frequent change of sexual partners, and large number of sexual partners simultaneously. But sometimes even married people have unprotected sex – when one of partners cheats on.

The consequences of unprotected sex for the women are as following:

1) Whites (vulvovaginitis - inflammation of the vagina and vulva) are the most trivial problem, which may be the result of unprotected sex. Unpleasant odor (whites) and itching are causing uncomfortable problems. This STD is not life-dangerous, but it requires careful examination and treatment.

2) Chronic pain is caused by pathogens genital infections, currently known (chlamydia, ureaplasma, mycoplasma, gonorrhea) that affect the upper parts: the channel of the cervix, uterus and appendages. In this case, in 7-14 days after unprotected sex, there are signs of inflammation and specific complaints: pain, fever, puriform discharge. If the infection is not cured in time, the pain can be constant and cause worryings during sex. Kiev escorts are always healthy. Sex with Kiev escorts is safe.

3) Unwanted pregnancyand abortioncan be causedby unprotected sex. Woman often feelsense of loss, guilt, resentment toward a partner if these things happen.Hormonal problems cause abortion often leading to infertility. Kiev escorts are happy to have free sex, with no responsibilities and routine quarrels. Any client of Kiev escorts – man or women – can be sure to have good time without bad experience.

4) Miscarriage is caused with some pathogens (bacteria, protozoa, and viruses), including STD. Crossing the placenta from the body of mother to the fetus these bacteria cause abortion.This is due to the possibility of a number of micro-organisms to break the structure of membranes and lead to premature rupture of membranes.A complete examination in advance is needed for pregnancy planning, including infectious screening, the detection of genital infection.

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