Erotic fantasies

Erotic fantasies

There are a lot of things people think of. However, erotic dreams hold significant place among them. The content of dreams is very diverse and can range from vague romantic images to thoroughly reproduced real experiences from the past or imagined situations. Fantasies of homosexual and straight people are similar in content, except for the sex of an imaginary partner.

There is a list of most popular and basic sexual fantasies of men and women during masturbation:

It is weird, but the first is routine and common thought – desire of sexual intercourse with a loved person. The second is sex with a stranger. Sex with two, three or more partners of the opposite/same sex holds the third place and is more common for young men. Unreal sexual acts that are not possible to realize in life stay at fourth stage. Next two dreams are about aggressive sex - forcing someone to have sex and sex under duress. Homosexual contact is the last in this list, but for women it is quite usual to dream about sex with another woman.

According to one study made among women aged 19 to 66 years, six most common roles that women play in their secret fantasies were chosen and described as follows.

  1. "Pretty Maid" - a passive woman, the object of one's desire. She is very attractive as the traditional character of romance novels. All Kiev escort ladies are beautiful and gorgeous.
  2. "Victim" is an object of sexual humiliation and violence. Imagining herself in this role, she can satisfy her curiosity for unsafe sex without putting herself in real danger. With Kiev escort girls the client can try to dominate or play the role of wild maniac without hesitation – Kiev escort women love this.
  3. "Savage" –is initiator of sexual merrymaking by her own rules. She imagines sex with multiple partners or in a public places. Her imagination provides lots of situations that are the violations of normal sexual behavior.
  4. "Lady-master" is excited by the manifestations of power over the other in contrast to the "Beloved," which fantasizes about intimacy with dear friend, equal in rank and status. Experienced Kiev escort ladies offer both kinds of behavior, while they can be dictators as well as weak and tender shy partners.
  5. "Voyeur" is experiencing excitement, when imagining how she is spying on people who are having sex. Erotic tension increases when in her fantasies there is a risk to be caught red-handed.
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