Ideas for Sex Experiments. Part 2

Kissing in different manners, using an ice-cube or choosing different toys and things for special occasions from the sex-shop can change the quality of your sexual life. Take into consideration some other pieces of advice for better leisure-time with your husband!

  • The advice of changing the position seems rather beaten. But still there are so many couples who get used to some positions and never change them. Of course, you can read the Kamasutra or watch some adult movies. But nobody can guarantee that all of them are safe. Even experienced Ukraine escorts admit that positions offered in adult movies require some level of physical culture. You should experiment starting with traditional positions. Experiment gradually adding new movements or body conditions.
  • New roles. If you are always the same, it may lead to routine. If your partner knows you to be tender, try to impress him by being wild and passionate. It is you who is going to dictate new rules today. Sometimes such changes are difficult to do. Start with changing your look. Use a different make-up; buy extremely high heels and sexy attire. Remember, there is an endless field for experiments and a number of roles to be performed. All Ukraine escorts know it for sure, follow their lead.
  • Get away from your habitual surrounding. Remember that there are other places in your apartment to make love in. Start with the kitchen or bathroom. Have you already tried these places? Move to the hotel, your friend’s apartment or to the bank of the river (to the beach). These places can turn you on easily. Mind that there can be people around so make sure you do not hurt their feelings with your deeds.
  • Still there are couples who are very conservative. In order not to scare each other with the previous experience choose some easier variants. A water mattress will change your movements. It is difficult to balance on, so, you’ll have to get used to it. But it may bring you lots of fun. Even skilled Ukraine escorts practice such sexual games sometimes. The water mattress will bring you the range of new sensations!

Add some tricks of Ukraine escorts to your armory to prevent your matrimonial bed from boredom. Try to be different; change the way you display your feelings to your husband, thus, he’ll always be in passion with you. Using these ideas will make your sexual life richer and brighter.

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