Ideas for Sex Experiments

Is there any sexual activity in the matrimonial bedroom? Lots of couples answer this question in the negative. The reason is the routine of the activity and the absence of passion which may destroy even the strongest feelings. Married use the same positions and consequently their sexual life disappears. What can be advised for those couples who want their intimacies to be regular and bring them lots of fun and pleasure? The only answer is to experiment!

  • Pay attention to the way you kiss. A kiss can be quick but it’s not the best one! Make up the evening full of kisses and you’ll discover new edges of your sexual relations. Caress your partner with your hands, touch his body and don’t stop kissing. Let every kiss be a special one: tender or passionate, quick or long-lasting. Keep your man kissing at least for an hour; don’t let him get you naked. In an hour you may go further with a sexual transaction. Believe me; your man won’t forget this evening soon!
  • An ice-cube can be a real alternative to expensive toys but it can bring you lots of bright moments. Take an ice-cube and move it against your partner’s body during the foreplay. The Kiev escort I know takes the ice-cube with her lips; it drives men crazy! The most sensitive zone is the man’s chest, especially his nipples. You may use the ice-cube for his hips, back and belly. Don’t use it on his genitals; it may cause some severe complications.
  • There is nothing forbidden in sex! To make it brighter go to the sex-shop and choose a toy you like. Any Kiev escort has lots of devices for special occasions. Why don’t you follow her example? Visiting a sex-shop is normal; there is nothing to be confused about! Moreover, you can find not only dildos there. Condoms of different shape and flavor, various lubricants, eatable underwear and other things for your sexual games can be chosen there. The Kiev escort I know buys different suits there to impress her customers. Or imagine having sex using a condom which gleams in the dark. Lots of variants can be found there. And don’t forget that the visit to the sex-shop with your partner can start your game and reveal hidden feelings.

The common piece of advice for you is to be creative and use some tricks which can be borrowed from any Kiev escort. These ladies know everything about good sex! Don’t feel confused to experiment and your patience will be paid back.

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