The Role of Foreplay in Your Intimacies

Sometimes it seems that your sexual life is regular but it doesn’t bring you much pleasure. However, it is possible to bring the passion back. Take into consideration the following tips to enrich your intimacies. Your feelings, attitude towards each other, your behavior during the intimacies – sexologists prove that everything matters. The foreplay is really important, but it will be boring without your imagination and some fantasies. There are some traces of behavior during your intimacies which can help you to achieve the highest pleasure.
What do you know about foreplay? If you think only about kissing and hugging, you are mistaken. There are so many ways of foreplay. You may choose one or a couple of the following methods to create and to enhance his desire.

  • Send him a text-message with some provocative content like “I want you”.
  • Offer your man to choose the underwear for you.
  • Ukraine escorts like to play tricks with man’s imagination. Next time when you go to the restaurant, during the dinner tell him that you have forgotten to put on your underwear. This trick works well! Or put on only your trench and hint him that you are naked under it. Use these Ukraine escorts’ tricks to turn him on!
  • Watching TV in the evening, take his hand, look into your man’s eyes and start kissing every millimeter of the fingers and palms. Believe me; he won’t be remaining indifferent for a long!
  • Whisper that he looks really attractive in this new shirt (tie, jacket) and pull his earlobe gently. Ukraine escorts use this trick sometimes to turn the man on.
  • When he goes to the bathroom to shave, offer your services to him! This process is rather intimate, so, your man will appreciate your care.
  • Do you remember your first date? Without giving him a notice you’d start behaving as if you were at this particular date. It may require some talent for acting but it is worth doing, believe me! He will support your idea, no doubt.
  • Make a surprise for him when he comes back home from his work. Rose petals, sexy attire, a glass of champagne, and a stunning lady lying on the bed – all this won’t leave him indifferent!
  • Wake him up in the morning with your petting.

As a rule, an average foreplay lasts for about 16 minutes. It won’t take you much time but do not neglect this stage; thus, you’ll get much more from your intimacies!

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