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The following questions and answers are for your recommended perusal. This is ideal if this is your first time booking an escort. Before reading the FAQ's it is important to be reminded that Solitaire Models is purely an introduction agency between you, the client, and the escort. You can read our terms and conditions for more information.

How do I choose an escort?
It's very simple. Just go online and have a look at our gallery page. There you will see the stunning array of beauties for you to decide on which companion you would like to spend the evening with. From there you can either call us or email us your specified requirements.

I have seen the same escort on a different website with lower rates. How do I get to see her from your site for the same rate as the other website?
In order to recieve this, you must supply the details of the website of where you saw your companion and the rates. We will be very happy to match the other agency's rate.

When do I have to pay the escort?
Please pay your model companion within five minutes of her arrival as to avoid any discomfiture towards the end of the rendezvous. Then you can enjoy your evening with your dream girl!

Do any of the girls offer any particular services?
Each escort will inform the agency at the time of the interview of what she specialises in. Please be aware that we do not offer any illegal or immoral services. Anything that occurs between yourself and the escort of your choice is purely down to two consenting adults.

Are all of the models featured on your website look exactly like their pictures?
Yes. Any escort wishing to join our agency must go through a face to face interview. We at Solitaire Models believe that proceeding in this fashion greatly reduces certain individuals who will otherwise deceive agencies by claiming to be someone who they are obviously not. We trust you will appreciate this.

Am I able to negotiate a price with the escort/agency?
The prices that are displayed on our website are not negotiable.

Am I allowed to have the escort's number/email address?
No. Please communicate through us and we will pass on your request to the chosen escort.

Am I expected to leave any feedback everytime I meet an escort?
We would like every client who has spent a considerable amount of time with our escorts to leave any feedback, wheather it is good or bad, but it is not mandatory for you to do so.

I have had to attend a last minute meeting. Is it possible for the escort to see me later on during the day or do I have to book her for another day?
If you have to rearrange an appointment with us, it is not a problem to do so. Our escorts will be more than happy to reschedule, however, she may have another booking on a particular day that you would like to see her. If that happens you can either book her as soon as she becomes available or you may wish to book another escort.

Are all of the escorts available seven days a week?
Please be aware that all of the escorts featured on our website have other personal commitments besides escorting. This ranges from running their own business to having full time jobs or studying. They will let the agency know the days and times of their availability.

What days do you not take calls?
We do not take calls during Ukrainian public holidays; Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day. On Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve we open from 2:00 pm until 8:00 pm. During the festive season many, if not all of our escorts, may be unavailable due to family commitments and prearrangements. They may still be able to do one or two bookings. To avoid disappointment please check with us first before making a booking.

Why do some girls hide their faces on your website?
The reason why some of our escorts obscure their faces is purely down to the fact that they may have a large social circle of friends or high profile jobs and would not want to jeopardise their reputation. They would rather keep their profession separate from their normal day to day lives.

Are all of your escorts discreet?
We strongly state to each of the escorts who are recruited through us that discrection is absolute. We do understand your position and will make sure your interests are protected at all times.

Am I able to ask the escort about other girls/clients from your agency?
No. We ask that no information about another escort or client is asked by yourself to the escort at the time of your booking as this goes against confidentiality. The main purpose of your appointment should be to enjoy the evening and focus on just the two of you.

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