Weather in Ukraine

Before visiting some country, people commonly need to know enough about its climate and usual weather. Ukraine is rather a big country. Thus the weather can be changeable in different parts of it. But it is possible to characterize main seasonal weather patterns. If you want to know more, study the given information.

Let's characterize each season of the year in the country generally.

Well, the weather is rather changeable in early spring. It may be cold and windy or rainy and sunny the same day. Late spring is characterized by mostly warm and sunny weather, it rains seldom. The nature is awakening after winter dreams and all is fresh-green around. One would enjoy picturesque views with pleasure.

Summer weather is usually warm; sometimes it is even hot and dry. July and August are the warmest months. The average temperature in summer is 24-30 degrees above zero. The hottest weather is peculiar of the southern regions of Ukraine. Its capital Kiev also meets its guests with heat in summer.

The beginning of autumn is quite warm but the weather becomes colder later. The sky is often overclouded, it rains heavily sometimes. There is a wonderful period in autumn, called "Indian Summer". It gets warmer these days. The sun is pleasant, not hot. Everything is dressed in gold, red and brown colours. It should be said that Kiev is especially beautiful in autumn. Falling leaves and tender wind create unique atmosphere.

December brings winter weather. But its beginning is rather mild. Severe frosts, heavy snowfalls and bitter winds usually come with January. But not all the regions of the country are covered with snow in winter. For example, its southern territories rarely meet snowfalls, the weather is rainy and wet there in winter. Ukrainians are fond of snowy winters. They like to have active rest in mountains or elsewhere, when everything is covered with fluffy snowflakes. If you also want to join friendly company of tourists but have no companion, escorts girls from Kiev or other agencies will be your best friends and guides over the country. Choose the season you like more and visit Ukraine!

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