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 Accommodation Guide in Ukraine

As a rule, the main goal of an average tourist coming to Ukraine and Kiev in particular is going sightseeing and visiting various cultural and historical places and monuments. That’s why tourists usually choose the accommodation, which is cheap and comfortable enough. People need only having rest there. The most affordable prices are offered by hostels. There you would be offered rooms for simultaneous living of 2 or 6 people at a price from 25 hryvnas to 130 hryvnas a night. For example, in Kiev exists International Hostel, where the guests are supplied with additional services, such as transportation, access to the Internet, kitchen with all the necessary utensils, washing machine etc. Such accommodations have become rather popular in Ukraine and all over the world and are mostly used by the youth.

As an alternative, one- or two-star hotels are available. They mainly differ from hostels of higher class by a small number of services offered. The living area is usually also not large in these hotels. There are about a thousand of them in Ukraine; many of them are in the capital. The night will cost you from 150 to 200 hryvnas depending on the city.

Three-star hotels in Ukraine usually have good quality-price ratio and often are rivals to better Ukrainian hotels. The clients of these establishments are provided with meals during the day, telephone connection, tickets booking, daily linen change and other useful services. Hotels of such categories are also visited by girls from city escorts, providing a wide range of services. Standard double room will cost about 550 hrivnas, while luxury apartments are to be paid about 2500 hryvnas for.

More conveniences are provided by four- and five-star hotels. Such hotels offer different categories of suits including de-luxe ones and majestic apartments. Telephone, Internet, satellite TV, restaurants, modern gyms, car rental, laundry, room service and many other comfortable services are given to the guests. Of course, you’ll have to pay a lot for such suits. The night in the suit of five-star hotel may cost from 600 hryvnas on the outskirts to about 20000 hryvnas in the centre of Kiev.
Ukraine Visa Requirements

If you are going to visit Ukraine, you should know the main terms of getting Ukrainian entry visa.

Foreigners coming to the country and its capital Kiev particularly should know that:

the passport validity is to be at least three months longer than the date of supposed leaving;

you need tickets and documents for exit out of your country and going on the travel;

representatives of a group of countries need entry visa;

vaccination certificate is not necessary.

In order to apply for entry visa foreigners must give the following documents.

- passport valid through at least six months after travel ending.

- application form, filled up properly and signed.

- photos for passport.

- in case of tourist travel, a copy given by hotel or agency acknowledging the fact of travel, with signs and stamps.

- in case of business appointment, an official invitation by receiving company or other state organization.

- in case of private visit, an official invitation from Visas and Registration Department. It is to be applied to visa application form.

By the way, many people coming to Kiev and other Ukrainian cities lack female companion. But the problem can be easily resolved by calling to some escorts agency (they are numerous in Kiev and other big cities) and ordering a beautiful girl with model appearance to be your companion.

Citizens of certain countries needn’t visas to entry Ukraine. To get more comprehensive information you’d better connect Ukrainian embassy in your country. There you will be given all the supportive help concerning entry to certain state.

Nowadays citizens of some states don’t need any visas for coming to the country. These are the USA, Canada and Japan, countries of Euro Union, Norway, Switzerland, Monaco, Andorra, San-Marino, Lichtenstein and Island. Citizens of these countries have the right of staying in Ukraine without any visa generally within 90 days.

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