Briefly on Ukraine

Ukraine is a sovereign state and one of the largest countries of Eastern Europe. The area occupied by the country is 603.700 square kilometers.  The state has its own territory, its legislative and executive organs and government, national emblem, anthem and flag.

Ukraine borders on the Russian Federation, Byelorussia, Slovakia, Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania. The country is washed by the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. It also has very important ports, which are in its southern part. The main river of the country is the Dnieper. The capital of the state is Kiev.

The population of the state is about 47 million people. Among the citizens are numerous nationalities and ethnic groups: Ukrainians, Russians, Byelorussians, Poles, Jews, Moldavians and others.

By the form of government it is a presidential and parliamentary republic, the President is the head of the state. Legislative power is represented by the Supreme Soviet. The Cabinet of Ministers is the highest executive state body. The judicial power is represented by the Supreme Court of Ukraine. All the highest state establishments are in Kiev.

The geographical position of the country is very favourable, for it lies on the crossroads of the ways from Asia to Europe. It helps the country to develop its relations with the countries of Europe and other states in the world.

The main brunches of industry are coal and ore mining, iron and steel engineering, machine and ship building. Besides, the state has always been an agrarian country. Thus crop-growing and cattle-breeding are being developed successfully.

The country is also considered to be a land of remarkable beauty. Its’ greater part is plain, while the Carpathian and the Crimean mountains make a shield for the mild country’s climate.

All the spheres of life are being developed in the state, including numerous services. For example, Kiev hotels receiving thousands of guests daily supply visitors not only with accommodations but also with such useful services as laundry, hairdresser’s, beauty salon, restaurant, escorts services and so on.

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