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Communication in Ukraine

Nowadays one has no troubles if needs communicating with somebody. Numerous mobile operators and Internet enable you to set contacts all over Ukraine. Kiev and other big cities have a ramified system of mobile connection. Thus you have a wide choice of mobile providers.

It would be useful for you to know the names of Ukrainian mobile providers. They are Kiev Star, Beeline, MTS – Ukraine, Djuice, Jeans, Life, CDMA Ukraine, Intertelecom, Utel and PEOPLEnet. Each company has its dominating area of coverage. For example, Kiev Star, the biggest mobile provider of the country, is more popular in the north and west of the country. While MTS – Ukraine occupies predominantly the east and centre of the country. All the other mobile and Internet operators have fewer users, but supply them with high quality of communication and around-the-country coverage. It should be also mentioned that mobile communication is no more expensive for the majority of people. The services are quite affordable all over the country. Mobile communication can be useful when you need calling to some emergency service, taxi or escorts agency. Just think over the choice offered and choose the most appropriate provider.

Normally you have a choice of using contract or prepaid services. If you are going to stay in the country for more than 6 months, signing up for the contract service would be reasonable. But if your staying will end sooner, it would be more comfortable for you to take prepaid services. You can pay for them over the Internet, with help of cash dispensers or by getting certain provider’s card at any trade outlet or kiosk. First two services enable you with paying at least 5 hryvnas for prepaid communication, while cards cost about 30 hryvnas.

One more piece of advice: try to use the mobile operator your potential interlocutors use. This will save your money, for calls within one provider are commonly free.

If you need to contact over the Internet, just come to some public establishment (café, restaurant, club etc), Wi-Fi is usually available there.

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