Ecology and Nature in Ukraine

It’s not a secret environment condition in the world has worsened greatly of late. It’s a pity, but Ukraine is not an exception. The problem of ecological pollution has been existed for many years. Water, soils and air are contaminated with toxic wastes. As a result, many people suffer from various serious diseases. The most terrible thing is youngsters and even infants are among them. The cases of children’s leukemia and cancer are met more and more often. A harmful contribution was added by the notorious Chernobyl nuclear accident happened in 1986. Though nowadays the influence of the tragedy is not so essential as it was a decade ago.

 But it is not just a peculiar of Ukraine, of course. Such tendencies are observed all over the world. And efforts of all nations should be combined to protect nature and environment.

You shouldn’t be afraid of coming to the country, for along with some ecological problems Ukraine has thick forests – lungs of the country and whole planet, vast steppes, fertile black soils and versatile flora and fauna. There are also many beautiful long rivers and picturesque lakes in Ukraine. Ukrainian health resorts where healing mud, waters, air are used to treat many serious illnesses. Do you know that in a small city of Artyomovsk there is an underground salt town where people suffering from bronchial asthma take courses of treatment and recover successfully? Or have you ever been to Crimean famous caves with long and beautiful labyrinths of ways? Or did you walk along old trees in the forests around the Carpathians? Nature has given to Ukraine all resources for happy life of people. And you should see this beauty by your own eyes when come to Ukraine. If you dislike touring alone, some sociable and kind Ukrainian escort girl may be your charming companion.

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