Flora and Fauna of Ukraine

Ukraine’s flora and fauna are rather rich, for Ukraine’s climate is appropriate for many species of animal and plants.

As for the forests, Ukraine has deciduous and coniferous trees, like pine, fir-tree, oak, birch and beech. All the forests are valuable not just for their timber, but also for mushrooms and berries, medical herbs growing there.

The wildlife of the country amazes with diversity and beauty. There are hundreds of species of birds, plants and animals in Ukraine. Ukrainian steppes and forests are inhabited by wolves and foxes, badgers and deer, elks and hamsters, field mice and so on. Some of the animals were brought here from other corners of the world and have acclimatized successfully. Among them some fur animals are: mink, musk-rat, silver-black fox and others. Today ostrich farms are wide-spread all over the country.

Rivers and lakes of Ukraine are rich for fish: carp and pike, perch and bream are among them. In vast Ukrainian steppes such trees as oak, willow, ash and elm are found. Squirrels, hares, foxes and other small animals live on these territories.

A few words are to be said about unique flora and fauna of the Carpathians. Deer, brown bears, wild pigs and cats, black squirrels live there. A lot of useful medical herbs are found in the lowlands of the Carpathians. As for the birds, golden eagles and black woodpeckers live in the forests. The area is exceptionally picturesque in spring. A lot of tourists come here to enjoy the beauty of the Carpathian nature.

There are special areas in Ukraine where unique species are preserved – national natural reserves. Special conditions are created there in order to protect and develop population of many rare animals, birds and plants. There are many places with rich natural world, they are worth to be seen.

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