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Handling Your Documents while Visiting Ukraine

It is necessary to know that a foreigner should have documents proving his or her identity while visiting Ukraine. There are some situations, when the passport or any other identifying document is to be presented:

Applying for return tickets for train; buying plane or long-distance coach tickets.

Process of registration in Kiev and other cities hotels.

Attending some clinic or hospital (occasionally).

Making some money transactions in banks.

Exchanging currency in banks.

Attending some state establishments (especially in Kiev), where special admission is required.

A piece of advice: in order to avoid constant presenting your original documents make their copies and give them when required.

In the case when Ukrainian police stops you and asks for presenting your documents, it is necessary to show them. Usually the process lasts a few minutes and after checking procedure you can go on your walk. If you haven’t got your documents with you occasionally, the policeman has the right to take you to the police department. But that will last only till your identity is proved. The absence of personal documents is not a reason for detaining you.

Unfortunately, some foreigners get into trouble with their documents (their visas or passports can be stolen). In such situations self-control and good reaction are helpful. You should inform the embassy of your state in Ukraine about the problem as soon as possible. There you will be given the document assuring of the process of reproducing your passport. Then inform the police about the fact of theft asking for the police certificate acknowledging your report. The two documents (from the embassy and police) are to be given to local Visas and Registration department. There you’ll get a document making your staying in Ukraine legal.

If having addressed to some of Kiev or other city escorts agencies, don’t leave your documents there and keep them with you to avoid ongoing troubles.

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