Healthcare for Foreigners

In Ukraine medical help is available in policlinics, hospitals and medical centres at factories, schools etc. Hospitals commonly have therapeutic, surgery or other departments where patients with many diseases are treated. Health service is based on local therapeutists who are first to diagnose the illness and prescribe the medical receipt. Nowadays the person can choose among the doctors the one who will run the treatment. A therapeutist examines the patient, assigns some treatment, prescribes necessary medicines and gives a medical certificate.

Despite the fact that healthcare in Ukraine is free, according to the Ukrainian constitution, its quality is rather low. That’s why foreigners coming to Ukraine or Kiev particularly would better have a Medical Insurance Certificate. This document will provide all the necessary medicines and procedures in case of necessity.

Some people coming to the country need services of escorts of Kiev and other cities. Before setting close contacts with some escorting girl, you’d better ask for her medical certificate in order to avoid being infected. Such agencies usually provide their clients with all the required information. If you request is rejected, don’t take services of the agency, because it can be regarded as unreliable one.

Nowadays there is also a great many of private fee-paying clinics providing professional high-quality medical help. The majority of them are in Kiev and other big cities of Ukraine. Many of them have certain specialization, for example, dentist offices or optician centres. The personnel of such clinics speak English and can give all the necessary information for you in case of necessity.

There also exists a wide network of ambulance services available by dialing 103.

Anyway, feeling bad or getting some injury, call to emergency service for being given immediate professional treatment. Have the documents proving your identity, they would be asked for by Ukrainian medical personnel.

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