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History of Ukraine

Ukraine has an ancient history. The country knew many periods of prosperity and decay. The history of the state takes its roots from the times of ancient Kiev Rus, which was situated on the territory of the present Ukrainian state and set up in the 9th century. It was a powerful feudal state with highly developed culture, its craftsmen were widely known in Europe.

From the 13th century and onwards Ukraine was continuously struggling against hostile invasions of the Turks, the Tatar-Mongols, Lithuanian and Polish rulers. All the conquerors pursued a policy of merciless national oppression. The country was disintegrated; the Ukrainian nation was dissociated for centuries. The lasting struggle of Ukrainian people for their independence ended victoriously under the leadership of Ukrainian hetman B. Khmelnitsky. In 1648 this hetman initiated the admission of Ukraine with Kiev as a part of Russia. The decision was adopted during the historical Pereyaslav Rada.

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Another important event happened not so long time ago, so it’s quite fresh in the memory of Ukrainians. On the 16th of July, 1990, the Supreme Soviet of Ukraine adopted "The declaration of the State Sovereignty". Then on the 24th of August the "Act of the State Independence" was adopted. This historical decision was approved by the all-round-Ukrainian referendum hold on the 1st of December, 1991. Thus a new period in the history of the country started. Nowadays it is a free independent state. The country has been recognized by a vast number of countries.
National Holidays

Ukrainians have rich traditions and customs. Many of them are connected with some national holiday. It should be said that in the life of any nationality holidays are very important, for they bring relaxation, enjoyment, and much happiness to people. Holidays commonly reflect the history of the country. Religious holidays show the attitude of people living in Ukraine towards religion. Thus one can observe the whole layer of the people’s life studying main holidays of the country.

New Year’s Day, the 8th of March Day, Christmas, Easter, May Day (the 1st of May), Victory Day (the 9th of May), Independence Day and others are the most important and popular among Ukrainians.

We’ll start with New Year’s Day, because it is considered to be a family holiday for all the Ukrainians. Decorating the New Year’s Tree, buying presents and souvenirs for dearest people are really exciting and bring a lot of positive emotions to our life. Ukraine and Kiev particularly receive many foreign guests from all over the world this day. Being average tourists, they often arrive alone. To make their pastime more pleasant, Kiev escorts provide their services.

The 8th of March is also known as the Women’s Day in Ukraine. Mothers, wives, grannies, sisters and daughters are given presents and told much appreciation this day. Women are heartily congratulated not only by their relatives, but also by their colleagues. Today the holiday is deprived of any political significance.

Christmas and Easter are religious holidays. Divine services are held in churches on these holidays. A lot of people come to Kiev and visit Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. Traditional meal for Christmas is "kutya", Easter is known for "pisanky" and "pasky".

Another important state holiday is celebrated on the 24th of August, it’s the Independence Day.  The Day of the Constitution of Ukraine is celebrated on the 28th of June.

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