Holidays and Important Days in Ukraine

Ukrainians, as well as other nationalities in the world, have their important dates during the year. Some of them are festive, some are not, but all of them are kept in hearts of people living in Ukraine. Here we mean different holidays and outstanding dates.

If talking about holidays in Ukraine, we must admit that some of them deal with some important events in the development of the state while others have religious origin. Some have been celebrated from ancient times, others are quite new. But what is peculiar about Ukrainians is that they are mostly pious people, thus major religious holidays are celebrated on the state level.

If talking about holidays taking their roots from some events in political life, so we can outline Independence Day (the 24th of August), the 28th of June (the day when Ukraine’s Constitution was adopted). Among main religious holidays are the Easter, Christmas (the 7th of January), the Trinity (Whit) Sunday, Epiphany and others. As for the Ester, it has no regular date for celebrating. It is celebrated each spring on the first Sunday after the first April fool moon.  In 40 days after the Easter the Trinity Sunday comes. People commonly visit cathedrals and churches these days where high messes are usually held.

Among the so-called family holidays the most popular and awaited are New Year’s Day, All Women’s Day (the 8th of March), the Youth Day (popular among the representatives of new generation) and others. These days are national holidays in Ukraine and whole families like to gather somewhere and have hearty talks.

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