International Relations of Ukraine

As Ukraine proclaimed its sovereignty and independence in 1991, so its international policy became more intensive and progressive. For years Ukraine has been establishing new friendly relations with other countries in the world.

Ukraine today is one of the members of the UNO (United Nations Organization) and takes part in the activities of many other international organizations. Among the countries Ukraine has established close ties Canada, the USA and Great Britain are. The countries maintain ties in such spheres as economics, politics and culture. You can find foreign embassies of these states in Kiev.

Some countries run various joint ventures with Ukraine, such as industrial plants and factories. Scientific cooperation between the countries is also observed. For instance, joint projects in the area of space exploration with such countries as the USA and Canada are lead by outstanding scientists nowadays.

Certainly, essential progress in cultural and educational spheres is also important. Thus Ukraine exchanges gifted students or teachers with other countries in the world. Ukrainian sportsmen, ballet dancers, pop and opera singers are known all over the world.

Ukrainians visit other countries in the world and, surely, tourists from different corners of the world come to our country every year. Ukrainians want to know the world and the world discovers Ukraine.

Ukrainian societies (diasporas) exist in other countries. Their members keep Ukrainian traditions and preserve its culture, thus make their own contribution into development of Ukrainian art, literature etc.

Ukraine is still rather young state, though it has quite old traditions. Now it is open to the world and tries to enlarge its relations with other nations for the benefit of all.

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