Natural Wonders of Ukraine. Lakes Svityaz and Sinevir

If you have an opportunity of travelling through Western Ukraine, try to find a day and visit these wonderful and picturesque places – lakes Svityaz and Sinevir. Both of them are marvelous and are surrounded by beautiful nature.

Lake Svityaz is located on the territory of Volyn Region, on the state border of Ukraine with Poland and Belorussia. The lake is the biggest among more than 30 freshwater lakes known as a group of Shatskie lakes. The territory around the lake belongs to national nature reserve. Maximum depth of the lake is 58 meters. The banks are occupied by numerous hotels and sanatoriums where one can rest after lasting, but very exciting excursions along and across the Svityaz.

The waters of the lake are known for their healing minerals. That’s why many people come here not only to enjoy the nature, but improve their health.

If you want to have a trip over the lake, you can rent a boat or a yacht with a private steering man. Svityaz is also popular among fishermen, for only here they fish for grigs. But, of course, fishing is restricted here. So, if you have some time in summer to visit the lake, but you haven’t a friend to accompany you, you can choose some pretty and friendly escort lady and enjoy your trip together.

The next lake we are going to tell about is the Sinevir. Its territory is also included into the area of Ukrainian national natural reserve. The lake is rather far from highways and it is not so easy to get there by bus, for example. That’s why the best way to see its beauty is to hire a car or a bike.

Scientists say the Sinevir appeared approximately 10 000 years ago. The lake is located in the mountains, that’s why its waters are always cold. In summer, for example, the temperature of the water is about 2 -6 degrees above zero. Anyway, it is beautiful and worth to be seen.

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