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Nature and Climate of Ukraine

Ukraine occupies the territory in the centre of Eastern Europe. Its landscapes are mostly flat. Mountains make only 5 % of the country’s territory. The Carpathian Mountains are in the west, while the Crimean Mountains are in the south. The country is washed by the Black sea and the Sea of Azov. These factors influence the climate of Ukraine greatly. It is considered to be moderately continental. But the Crimean climate differs from that of the other territories. It is subtropical there.

The region of the Carpathians is also different in the amount of precipitations. Rains are rather often there. Even in summer thunderstorms and showers are frequent. Sometimes it rains with hail.

The average summer temperature is 23-29 degrees above zero. In winter it can freeze with the temperature of about 10-18 degrees below zero. But Ukrainians are quite accustomed to such weather. It is interesting to come to Kiev in winter and feel severe breath of the majestic Dnieper. The country is frozen, but it performs active life everywhere.

Fogs are rare in Ukraine. But they happen occasionally in spring and autumn. Due to its favourable climate conditions the country has rather developed agriculture. It grows wheat, maize and other sorts of corns, vegetables and many kinds of fruit.

The flora and fauna of the country are extremely rich. It has great natural wealth. It possesses enormous woods and vast fertile arable lands.

It should be said that Ukrainian climate is getting milder with every coming year. The global warming-up process contribute to these changes. But anyway, the climate conditions are rather comfortable. So, you may come to the country any time. By the way, cold winter or hot summer may be more pleasurable if you travel not alone but with a charming lady from some of escorts, which are available in Kiev and other big cities. Kiev escorting girls will make any season the best time in your life!

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