Political and Economical Situation in Ukraine

Like other countries in the world, Ukraine was stroked by economical crisis and its economy has suffered greatly. The crisis influences the political systems in Ukraine, for more and more parties try to lead the movement for making Ukraine strong and economically independent state.

Ukrainian society nowadays has quite opposite minds. Some suppose economical reforms are to be continued, other are sure leading political parties are not able to change life in Ukraine for the good. Foreign politicians and journalists often criticize the work of Ukrainian government, for it is unable to solve some urgent problems, such as growing unemployment, low wages and cutting down on industrial production.

Another serious question to be discussed is the vector of Ukraine’s foreign policy. Each party has its own position as to what direction Ukraine has to go: to cooperate with the Russian Federation or to go to the West. One thing is obvious: the country needs a single strategy to be invented and carried out.

Though Ukrainian government takes care about national education and health service. Specific reforms are run in these fields.

Ukraine should, first of all, encourage some way its citizens to live and work in their native country. The so-called "brain drain" must be stopped by stimulating youth of Ukraine. Students need to be sure that their diplomas will be supplied by new work places. And, of course, their salaries and wages are to be sufficient for normal living.

This way we can admit that despite the fact Ukrainians have rather contradictory opinions as to how the politicians should work; Ukrainian government makes steps to struggle with economical crisis and facilitate the life of average Ukrainians. Ukraine has rather promising perspectives in future.

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