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Safety in Ukraine

If you are going to visit Ukraine, you should know more about safety measures taken in the country. State programme concerning preparations of Ukraine to the Euro 2012 assigns release of more than 1 billion hryvnas (more than 125.6 million dollars). Especially thorough preparations are held in receiving cities: Kiev, Lvov, Kharkov and Donetsk. But it goes without saying that safety control is being intensifying all over Ukraine. Special measures are taken in order to improve the personnel’s knowledge of English. Thus coming to the country you would feel rather comfortable and no language obstacles would appear.

Everyday life of Ukrainians is rather quiet and can’t be called full of crimes and other terrible events. But one should be attentive and take care of himself being in foreign country. All the efforts are to be made in order to avoid problems with personal welfare. Make use of the following piece of advice. First of all, keep your documents hidden in your personal bag or purse and don’t let everybody see them. The same is with your money. Keep a watchful eye on them and be attentive. Try not to have big sums of money with you, only the necessary amount.

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It is obvious that you’ll have to be in public places, such as cafes, restaurants or elsewhere. For your safety, try not to take part in arguments of drunken people to avoid injuries.

During the hours of darkness don’t walk along remote streets, you’d better call taxi and get the destination without running danger. Robberies are frequent at night time, even in Kiev.

Don’t be naïve and buy different "valuable" things (jewelry, for example) in the street.

If you have got into trouble, turn to Ukrainian police dialing 102. You’ll be given all the necessary support and your civil rights will be preserved.

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