Some Places of Interest in Ukraine

Coming to any country people normally want to know more about it, its people, its culture. The best way to understand the people is to know its history. But what can you know if have not much time to read books on Ukraine’s history? The answer is to see main places of interest in Ukraine. These places represent main values of Ukrainian people and the stages of its evolution. Surely, they are quite dear to Ukrainians, for they reflect history and culture of the people. Such places of interest are usually rather popular among the visitors of Ukraine.

So, what cities are the richest in sense of historical heritage? Well, it seems quite natural that Kiev has preserved a lot of historical and cultural monuments for new generations. Being the capital of Ukraine and one of the oldest European cities, Kiev has a lot of things to show to its guests: numerous museums and monuments, ancient churches and cathedrals, beautiful streets and squares.

First monuments visitors of Kiev see when make their steps towards the centre of the city are the monuments to Bogdan Khmelnitsky and Taras Shevchenko, both of these outstanding characters played a significant role in the life of the country.

Besides the monuments, you can find other places of great cultural importance. The Kiev Shevchenko Opera and Ballet House, the Kiev Ivan Franko Drama Theatre are among them. And if you are a great lover of drama or ballet, you have a blissful opportunity of visiting some of the theatres in a company of an elegant and educated escort lady and get double pleasure from the visit.

Other towns and cities to see are Chernigov (the Literature and Memorial Museum to A. Dovzhenko), Kanev (the monument called "Taras’s  Mountain"), Lvov and Kamenets-Podolskiy with their majestic cathedrals and fortresses and others.

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