Telecommunications in Ukraine

If you are going to visit Kiev or some other city of Ukraine and intend to stay there for a long period of time, you’d have a necessity of operating a mobile phone in order to call to emergency or for example, escorts agency. The following material will tell you about main mobile operators of Ukraine and their services.

The names of mobile operators are Beeline, Djuice, Jeans, Kiev Star, Life, MTS – Ukraine, CDMA Ukraine, PEOPLEnet, Intertelecom and Utel.

Beeline proceeds in the country since 2006 and supplies basic communication services including WAP, mobile JPRS-nternet, Wi-Fi, 3G Internet and home Internet. Its users account for about 3.5 % over the country.

Djuice is a Ukrainian mobile operator positioning itself as young people’s one. It also works in many other countries.

Jeans is the youth mobile operator working since 2003. It is a brunch of another company, MTS.

MTS is the second largest mobile operator of the country working on the Ukrainian market since 1997. It combines 33 % of all users along the country.

Life is a Ukrainian GSM-operator working since 2005. About 21 % of all the users operate this service.

CDMA is a Ukrainian leader of the market of the same name. It started in 2005.

PEOPLEnet is a 3G-operator working since 2001. It’s a service of the Ukrainian Telecommunications company. It provides the 3.1 Mbit speed of the Internet.

Intertelecom is a CDMA operator providing local and mobile communication and access to the Internet in many regions of the country.

Kiev Star is a leader of mobile communication. It is mostly used in the northern and western regions.

All the mobile operators supply their users with contract and prepaid services. If you have come to the country for less than half a year, it would be more comfortable for you to get prepaid services. The cards with special codes are easily obtained in numerous trade outlets or specialized kiosks. You can also use comfortable Internet services or cash dispensers. The cards price commonly starts with 30 hryvnas, while Internet and cash dispensers’ services enable you to pay at least 5 hryvnas. Wi-Fi is available practically in every public place.

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