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Traffic Safety and Road Conditions

If you have come to Ukraine, you’d probably plan your activities and make your own time-table. Busy persons are commonly not eager to take a bus or tram in order to get some destination. That’s why they often use the services of Kiev (or other city’s) car rental agencies. Some people come by their own automobile. Anyway, to get any place successfully you should have good knowledge of traffic rules and road sings of Ukraine.

Well, traffic regulations are international nowadays. But we have to admit that there are special regulations valid just for one country. And they are to be taken to consideration by all means.

If you are not going to ride a car in Ukraine, but like comfort, so you can make a request to some of city escorts agencies. Just ask the manger to give you a beautiful lady with excellent driver’s skills and driving license. Thus you’ll obtain both wonderful jolly companion and private driver over the capital or some other city.

Going on, it is necessary to know that traffic in Ukraine is right-hand. Traffic way of the roads is wide enough for several cars moving abreast in one direction. It is forbidden to drive in the left-hand lane if the right-hand lane is free. In London, for example, traffic keeps to the left. Automobiles, buses and cyclists must all keep to the left side of the road. In many other countries traffic keeps to the right.

Traffic in large cities of Ukraine, like Kiev, is very busy on working days. So, it is necessary to be concentrated and attentive while driving a car. Road accidents are often caused by carelessness. It is also necessary to study the meaning of road signs aimed at making traffic safer.

There also regulations for pedestrians. You should know that before crossing the road, it is necessary to stop and look both ways. If you see that the road is clear, no vehicle is coming, it is safe to cross the road. In such a big city as Kiev, pedestrians cross the roads over pedestrian crossings (often subways).
Medical Facilities and Health Information

If you are going to visit Ukraine in the nearest time, information about health service in the country would be useful for you. Of course, it is better to travel when you feel good. But uncommon weather conditions or other factors can influence your health and your physical condition can worsen. It is also to be said that some men coming to the country take services of city escorts agencies. In this case they should ask for the health certificate of the girl before establishing any contacts with her. Kiev agencies, for instance, provide their clients with such information. But sometimes one can’t avoid some bad illness. Thus you should know how to act in such a situation.

In Ukraine health service is given by medical centres, hospitals, policlinics and other medical posts. According to the Ukrainian Constitution, all people have the right to be treated freely. It’s a pity, but the level of free hospitals is not as high as it could be. Doctors in Ukraine are true professionals, but the state budget is not sufficient for developing clinics and buying necessary equipment. While the level of medical service in the USA or Great Britain is very high. This is attained due to special medical insurance. Every employed citizen pays a certain amount of money to the National Health Service weekly. The sums paid are rather big to cover all the expenses concerning the process of treatment.

To avoid different troubles with medical service in Ukraine, it is better to have your personal certificate of medical insurance. Its availability will provide you with all the necessary medicines or course of treatment if you feel bad being in Kiev or any other city of the country.

In Ukraine and Kiev in particular a lot of fee-paying clinics are available. There one can get any kind of medical help. Such clinics usually have certain specialization. Personnel of the fee-paying clinics are always ready to help both Ukrainians and foreigners, for they speak English, thus there is no language barrier between the doctor and patients.

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