Trypillian Culture

Do you know that one of the oldest agricultural cultures in the world existed and prospered in Ukraine? But it was so. A few thousand years BC (approximately 5000 years ago) the so-called Trypillian culture lived in the territory of modern Ukraine. Actually, nobody knows how these people called themselves. But their settlement was found on the territory of Ukrainian village Trypillya, so the culture was named after it.

The Trypillians were known as capable farmers. Apart from this, they left blissful samples of various pieces of ceramics made according to rather developed technologies.

For that time Trypillians were the most developed and progressive group of people in the region. Owing to this they are often called "proto-civilization".

Excavations in the area of the Trypillian settlements, started in 1981, discovered astonishing dimensions: the first settlement occupied the territory of 450 hectares, while the second one stretched by 250 hectares. According to last scientific researches, more than 2.800 buildings (located in concentric circles) inhabited up to 25000 citizens. Trypillians had their symbol of family hearth – a furnace. People took it with them when moved to another dwelling. The pot could be a kind of talisman for a family. Another amazing fact was discovered: Trypillians burnt their houses when left them. What for and Why? Scholars have being trying to guess the riddle till nowadays.

You can visit the Museum of Trypillian Culture in the town of Rzhyschev. It would be interesting to touch the ancient remnants of the history of Ukraine. We are sure it would astonish and amaze everyone, for it is quite difficult to imagine what caused disappearing of so progressive and developed civilization from the territory of Ukraine. We can only suppose…

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