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Ukraine Transportation Guide

Even the most devoted traveller can lose one’s head while trying to rich some destination in Ukraine and Kiev particularly. The thing is it is important to know the specifics of the transportation terms and vehicles available in the country. In order to avoid various troubles connected with your moving throughout Ukraine, please, study the following material.

The country has a deviated system of transport networks. Different kinds of transport can be taken for getting some destination point. 

Let’s start with railway stations. All the regional centres and smaller cities and towns are connected by developed network of railways. Both commuter and fast long distance trains are always available. You’ll just need to buy tickets for a certain train beforehand (not necessary for commuter trains) choosing the level of comfort of your journey (it can be a reserved seat or a compartment ticket). The tickets can be booked at the booking office or over the Internet (usually a prepayment is required). The trains have berths, buffet-cars and other useful conveniences. Railway stations are equipped with left-luggage rooms and other facilities. There you can also get information if the train is due to arrive or is delaying. Railway network of Ukraine makes it possible to get nearly any European country.

Another way of reaching the necessary place, both remote and close-by, is travelling by bus. Comfortable local and long-distance comfortable buses serve numerous routes. Starting points are usually big cities, such as Kiev, Donetsk, Kharkov and others.

You can also take a taxi or go by tram or tube. If you have come to the country for a long period of time, a monthly ticket will be helpful.

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