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 Ukrainian Airlines

There are many ways of travelling. Some people like going somewhere by car or by train, others prefer buses. A certain category of tourists is used to travel by hitchhike. But, of course, the most comfortable and fastest way of travelling is by plane. It is also considered to be the safest kind of transport.

The following material tells about main airlines of Ukraine and the directions the planes fly.

Ukrainian International Airlines (UIA) is one the biggest companies in Ukraine engaged in transporting passengers by air. The company specializes on internal and international flights from Kiev and Lvov. The UIA exploits the planes by Boeing model. The airliners are comfortable and have sections of usual categories (business or economy class). In order to make the flight more pleasurable some passengers take beautiful escorts with them. Slim and intelligent ladies become their charming companions for any period of time.

Directions of international flights provided by the Ukrainian International Airlines are to Abu Dhabi, Amsterdam, Antalya, Barcelona, Berlin, Brussels, Vienne, Goa, Dubai, Dubrovnik, Geneva, Colombo, Kuwait, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Milan, Paris, Pula, Rome, Split, Tel Aviv, Frankfurt am Main, Helsinki and Zurich.

The CIS directions are to Tbilisi and Alma-Ata.

The UIA also provides flights to such cities of Ukraine as Kiev, Lvov, Odessa, Donetsk and Simferopol.

The UIA company supports its passengers with special loyalty programme "Panorama Club".

The next big airlines company is Aerosvit. The base for its flights is Kiev airport of Boryspol. The company provides internal flights to eleven cities of Ukraine and also international flights.

Each company has certain requirements concerning size and weight of the luggage to be transported. More information is available at special reference services.

All the airplanes are carefully supervised by airport technicians before the flight. The airliners are supplied by all the modern conveniences.

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