Ukrainian Lavras

You may have known that biggest men’s monasteries of the highest rank are called lavras. This status is possessed only by six monasteries in the world. And imagine that three of them are in Ukraine! These are Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra in Kiev, Svyato-Uspenskaya Lavra in Pochaev and Svyato-Uspenskaya Lavra in Svyatogorsk. Kiev Lavra was founded in the XI century. Today it is the main attraction of Kiev and centre of its religious life. The monastery had been constructed for centuries and today it is a huge complex giving the feeling of majesty. You should by all means see the place, for it is really very beautiful. And, of course, if you lack somebody’s company, beautiful ladies from Kiev escort agency will be your companions in the tour.

Another lavra in Pochaev was founded in the XIII century by monastic anchorites from Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra. The greatest attraction of the lavra is a miracle-working icon of the Mother of God. People say water in a source near the Lavra is healing. Millions of visitors come here to treat various illnesses.

Another pride of Ukraine is the Lavra of Svyatogorsk. First ground constructions were built in the XVII century. Today Lavra has been rebuilt and monastery life is reviving. A lot of people come here to see picturesque sites of the Donets River flowing down the monastery and to enrich their inner world. But what is also peculiar about this Lavra in Svyatogorsk is that there you can see long and narrow chalk caves made by monks long ago. Tourists go on excursions to see the space inside the caves. It is an architectural masterpiece in the chalk rock.

Thus Ukraine still has a lot of places to show. Everybody can choose some to his likings and interests. Sacred treasures of centuries are carefully kept for coming generations. Don’t miss the chance!

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