Ukrainian Scientists

Perhaps you haven’t heard much positive about the prosperity of Ukraine’s science of late, but the country really has some outstanding names known for all people in the world. Ukrainian scientists made a great contribution to the development of the world science and worked for the benefit of Ukraine.

Ukrainian scientists achieved great success in the fields of nuclear physics, biology, space engineering, chemistry, medicine etc. Such names as D. Zabolotny, M. Sklifosofsky, V. Vernadsky, E. Paton, S. Korolyov and many others are familiar both to Ukrainians and people from other states.

You can also know more about these giants of Ukrainian science. For example, Evgeny Paton was a great designer and worked in the field of bridge-building and welding. He elaborated the whole system of bridge constructions and founded the Ukrainian school of welding. He also organized the Laboratory of Electric Welding, where his son, Boris, worked out the new methods of electric welding in outer space. Today one of the longest bridges across the Dnieper is named after Evgeny Paton.

Another personality worth to be mentioned is a Ukrainian Academician Sergei Korolyov. His name is associated with the development of rocket and space engineering. Korolyov also trained many engineers and scientists. Now his students are leaders of many research institutes and rocket designing bureaus in Ukraine and other countries in the world.

Though Ukraine has many intelligent and outstanding scientists, not all of them have enough of financial support on the part of the country. That’s why just a small part of their huge potential can be embodied. Ukrainian modern science need more financing to continue the work of famous scientists who have added their glorious pages into Ukraine’s history.

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