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Visa in Ukraine

According to Ukrainian legislation, foreigners may come to Ukraine by both visa and visa-free system. No visas are required for citizens of such countries as Switzerland, states of European Union, Island, Japan, San-Marino, Republic of Korea, the USA, Canada, Lichtenstein, Monaco, Norway and Vatican. The terms of staying in Ukraine shouldn’t be longer than 90 days.

Sometimes foreign guests come to Kiev or other cities of Ukraine being accompanied by ladies from escorts agencies. In such cases they have to take care of the ladies’ visas in advance to have no troubles in future.

Visa-free system is not valid if:

you are applying for immigration visa;

you enter Ukraine for study or work in diplomatic institutions;

you come to the country for more than 90-days period.

All the categories of visas can be applied for and received at Ukrainian diplomatic departments and embassies abroad.

Now some information about types of visas. Foreigners may enter the country with diplomatic, official (there three categories of official visas), business, student’s visas, visas for mass media personnel, transit, private and tourist visas. The visa type depends on the purpose of your visit to the country. People come to Kiev mostly with business, tourist or private visas.

In order to get business visa, it is necessary to give the original of your official invitation with the name, address, phone number and stamps of the receiving part. The purpose and the terms of the journey, cities to visit and passport data of the applicant are also to be mentioned in the invitation. The copy of registration certificate of the receiving organization should be shown at the embassy too.

To get a private visa you must give standard form of invitation drawn up properly (it may be an invitation of some Kiev clinic, for example) and other documents acknowledging private character of your journey.

To get a tourist visa you must give the acknowledgement of your tourist visit (tourist voucher) to the representatives of Ukrainian embassy in your state.

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