All Kiev in three hours

All Kiev in three hours

Kiev is not only the capital of Ukraine, the political, scientific and cultural center of the state. It is the city with the unique history and remarkable atmosphere, the city of significant beauty and charm, the city that combines modern civilization achievements and memories of historical events.

The main sense of the brief sightseeing tour is to show the main attractions of the city and its most interesting places. In order to get the general idea of ​​Kiev and its sights, people usually visit three basic parts of Kiev: the upper city, the lower city (Podil) and Pechersk.

The upper city is the district of Kiev that retains memories of the medieval historical era. During the golden age of Kievan Rus, Kiev was the stronghold of princely power, there were government residence. It is here that the famous Golden Gate and St. Sophia Cathedral are located. In addition, in the upper city you can see beautiful Kiev Opera House, St. Vladymyr’s Cathedral, St. Michael's Monastery.

The lower city (Podil) is the oldest part of Kiev. Each street there is just like a museum in the open air. From old times Podil was populated by merchants and traders, here is the popular trade complex Gostynniy Dvir and the world famous Kiev-Mohyla Academy. From Podil you can walk along Andriyivskiy Uzviz (Descent) and admire bright and colorful paintings by local artists and various works of folk art.

Pechersk is the architectural, political and religious heart of modern Kiev. Here you can see the residential area Lypky ("Limes"), with the unique architecture, where the most famous and honorable artists, composers, governor-generals and other honorable persons lived and were on a visit. The remarkable sight of Pechersk is "The House with Chimeras" created by the extravagant Kievan architect Vladyslav Gorodetsky. This house stands on a steep hillside of the street, like a castle on a cliff. Its facade is decorated with whimsical figures of animals, reptiles and various sea creatures.

In Pechersk district there is the President Administration and the Parliament of Ukraine. The famous Maydan (Independence Square) and Khreshchatyk Street are also part of Pechersk district of Kiev.

Of course it is difficult to see all Kiev in three hours, but after the brief sightseeing tour each one will have the favorite place of the city to come back there again and again.

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