Bulgakov Museum

The museum of writer Michail Bulgakov, the author of the famous novel "Master and Margaret", is located in Kiev at Andriyivskiy Uzviz (Descent) in the house number 13. In this house the writer’s family lived, here he spent his young years, and Kiev played an important part in the writer’s life, in his character formation. Later Bulgakov rented a room in this house with his first wife Tatyana and then practiced as a doctor.

Besides, in this house at Andriyivskiy Uzviz the plot of the famous Bulgakov’s novel "The White Guard" develops. That is why the house number 13 became the museum in 1989. Due to the forces of museum creators, the large amount of authentic things of Bulgakov’s family was collected, ancient furniture was carried into the house, repair and restorations were conducted in accordance with time when the writer lived here. Fortunately, foundation and wall of the house were untouched, and museum workers restored the original planning. They succeeded to save the stove tiles; parquet is in two rooms, part of parade stair, doors, window and door pens. Knowing that the museum of M. Bulgakov is being created in Kiev, writer’s friends and family appealed to museum workers with suggestions to render the family heritage. They passed to the museum everything that was anyhow related to the name of great Master: authentic things, books, autographs, original pictures and manuscripts. That is why Bulgakov Museum in Kiev is unique.

Museum exposition is located on the second floor of the house and occupies the flat of seven rooms. Here the story of real Bulgakov’s life and the life of his novel’s characters are closely entwined. The authentic things belonging to Bulgakov’s family are presented in their real state, and the things described in the novel are all exposed in white color, that means the color of snow, the color of memories, dreams and fantasies. Thus, today in the house two families continue the museum life simultaneously: the family of writer himself and the family of his novel heroes. You can visit the museum and not only see the writer’s life in details but also feel the real atmosphere of that time.

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