A beautiful place in Kiev for a memorable date with Ukraine escort.


Feofania is a historical area in the suburbs of Kiev which has a status of park-memorial (the tract obtained it in 1972). Year by year Feofania becomes better and better owing to magnificent efforts of best landscape designers.
You’d be mistaken if think that Feofania is only a cozy place for rest. It is also plays a very important historical part. We mean the process of Kiev area widening. Today Feofania is an inseparable part of the city’s history.

Feofania is also a National Nature Reserve. The process of its renewing and restoring doesn’t interfere with citizens’ rest near its calm ponds and beautiful fountains. The place is quite crowded all year round attracting both loving couples and whole families.
We are sure that each visitor of Kiev should mange some time to see all the impeccable beauty of Feofania. We understand that you sometimes have nobody to accompany you in trips or excursions. The way out is a booking of a date with some elegant Ukraine escort who will eagerly be your pleasant and interesting interlocutor during the day. Ukraine escorts are amazingly beautiful and can seduce any man, indeed. Feofania is a really unique place with special atmosphere. And you will have splendid time enjoying primeval springs and your sexy Kiev escort. You know, Kiev escorts have inevitable charm and can astonish any client.

You will have pleasant impressions from visiting Feofania with some of Ukraine escorts in summer when nature is especially rich for colors and aromas of field herbs and flowers (Kiev escorts are so rich spiritually!). Your beautiful Kiev escort can be a graceful complement in your trip to Feofania. Your positive emotions from the nature beauty will be multiplied by exciting emotions got from professional service provided by your superior Ukraine escort.

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