Romantic night Kiev tour with a sexy Ukraine escort.

Kiev at Night

This is one of the most romantic tours along old city Kiev. It’s a great opportunity of meeting one of the most beautiful European capitals in quite a mysterious and relaxing atmosphere of night. Commonly the tour lasts 3 hours and includes visiting such popular Kiev sites as
- Kiev quay. This place is for sure especially beautiful. Old friends, families with children, newlyweds and guests of the city adore walking along and enjoying powerful waters of the Dnieper. On weekends the quay is usually very crowded, especially when it is warm and dry. So, if you prefer calm surrounding, take the tour on some working day. Walking down Kiev quay is a real pleasure!

- The house with Chimeras. Today it is the official residence of the President. But not only this fact attracts tourists. The architecture of the building is especially unique. It has got many mysterious legends and you can touch the past if visiting the house.
- The House of President’s Administration.
- National Bank of Ukraine building. The house also has interesting design and quite marvelous look.
- Main Kiev street – Khreschatik. It is especially amazing in spring when numerous chestnut trees blossom decorating the city with beautiful white and pink flowers.
- Golden Gate. It is an inseparable part of Kiev’s history. Being just a fragment today, they served as a defense fortress in the times of Kiev Rus.
- Opera House.

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