Stalin tunnels under the Dnieper

Stalin tunnels under the Dnieper

Kyiv may surprise its guests not only by picturesque streets, parks, public gardens, luxurious mansions of the 19th -20th centuries, and ancient historical monuments. In Kiev you can also see the mysterious and unusual objects of Soviet times.

During one of the most unusual tours in Kiev you can visit the secret "object number one" - the railway tunnel under the Dnieper connecting both banks of the river. This object was built on the initiative of Stalin.

All this grand tunnel construction was carried out to provide a strategic transportation during the possible war for the supply of military units. It was planned that in case of war people could supply the city of Kiev with everything necessary with the help of these tunnels, without fear of bombings and shootings. Tunnel construction was led by Khrushchev, who had been personally engaged in Moscow subway building.

"Object number one" employed approximately 20,000 people. For them, on the island the wide infrastructure was created: hostels, shops, clubs and so on. Ambitious and top-secret construction of tunnels began in 1929. It was planned to finish the building in 12 years but life has brought the unexpected changes. In 1941 the war between USSR and Germany broke out and the building stopped. People certainly did not think that the Germans would move so quickly and rush to the city. In July 1941, the command came: to stop work and to conserve the building. Tunnel shields and tubing were flooded, and the other valuable equipment covered with earth or evacuated. After the war the engineers tried to restart the building but then it was closed by announcing unprofitable.

Nowadays you can find the longest land tunnel section on Zhukov Island on the Dnieper. Its length is about 700 meters. And the tunnel diameter is not less than the subway tunnel. Other fragments of the tunnel can be found in Obolon’ and Osokorki districts of Kiev. Only the entrances to the tunnels in the form of huge concrete caissons left on the surface of the land, the remaining sections of the unfinished tunnels are all flooded with water. Even experienced divers can not say for sure what lurks in the tunnels under the thick water layer.

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