The museum of Folk Architecture and Life "Pirogovo"

"Pirogovo" is an architectural and landscape complex in the open air. All historical and ethnographic districts of Ukraine are presented here on the area more than 150 hectare. Over 300 significant sites of folk architecture of 16th – 20th centuries are demonstrated here. You can see the most interesting monuments from the different regions of Ukraine: middle Pridneprov’ya, Poltava, Slobozhanschina, Polis’ya, Podil’ya, Carpathians and South of Ukraine.

The museum was based in the suburbs of Kiev in 1976. "Pirogovo" is the name of the village that was located here. The territory of museum is divided in sectors on temporal and territorial principles. Exhibits presented in "Pirogovo introduce visitors into the architecture of the Ukrainian villages, peasant way of life and folk art of Ukrainians. Here you can see old-time Ukrainian mud-walled peasant huts, churches of the 16-17th centuries, windmills and so on. All these exhibits were carefully collected in the different regions of Ukraine, delivered to the museum and restored. In every cottage, the everyday life of past centuries is presented. You can find old-time Ukrainian furniture, tableware, clothes, musical instruments, working utensil and other interesting authentic things. The unique Ukrainian phenomenons of architecture - wooden churches - are presented here. The compositional center of "Pirogovo" is a display of windmills that are located on the highest hill.

Besides, "Pirogovo" is the wonderful place for the weekend, especially with children. After the walk around the museum it is very pleasant to lie on the green grass, to ride a horse, to get a good dinner with traditional Ukrainian borsch, bacon and dumpling, and all this is in the open air and by the way on the background of the Ukrainian live music. Throughout the year celebrations of the traditional bright and vivid Ukrainian holidays and ceremonies are carried out here. So do not hesitate to visit "Pirogovo" and feel the atmosphere of real Ukrainian life and traditions.

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