4x4 Pub

The 4x4 pub in Kiev is very popular among both youth and adults. It is located in one of the most beautiful places of the city and attracts a lot of visitors daily. The main plus of the 4x4 pub is that everyone is welcomed here. But what is really uniting different people here is rock music. You know, this style is out of age. It has its fans both among young boys and girls and quite old men. But when they occur in one place and listen to their favourite songs, all the limits and age obstacles disappear. Thus 4x4 pub can become your favourite place of rest.

You can always hear loud voices of friends and best rock songs in the 4x4 pub. Tasty meals from the chef are so delicious. Of course, here you’ll be offered exceptionally fine sorts of beer. People also like to visit the pub, for they can watch and discuss some sport programs in a friendly atmosphere here. It is an informal communication for complete relax.

Another unique feature of the pub is its interior is made according to automobile theme. But along with it the pub is quite traditional and unites all the lovers of real pub culture.

Small companies (2-8 men) are offered a VIP hall. And if you are going to make a party for the birthday or some other event, your rest won’t be interrupted by somebody else. You will enjoy a hearty talk with your friends, playing billiards or singing your favourite songs. You will also like delicious meals cooked exceptionally for you. They would be original and differ from all the other dishes you’ve tries earlier. The chef creates its meals like an artist creates masterpieces. And you will never taste the same meals anywhere else.

In case of necessity, special banquets can be arranged for you at the pub. All the details (time, decorations, music, menu etc.) are to be discussed beforehand with managers of the club.

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