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Antverpen Pub

Antique Restaurant and pub "Antverpen" on Pushkin is a visual model of the compact old-world Europe. From one state to other one is a stone's throw, but from one culture to another is a whole dimension. Starting from the exterior of cobbled Belgian courtyard and ending by incredible collection of miniature antique objects inside the pub - the emotional limit of this trip in the bounds of two floors is practically inexhaustible.

A man can come to the pub with noisy company of friends and take a glass of beer or with beautiful escorts girl on a candlelit dinner with a glass of wine and fine dining. Charming escorts girl will brighten up the evening and give a lot of positive impressions.

Kiev Antverpen Pub is not like bar that you've seen before. It is like a restaurant and Museum, where the process of eating is one of the ways to get deeper into the aesthetics of the proposed cultural epoch. Multifaceted and diverse collection of authentic works of art, original paintings and sculptures of XVII-XIX century, the authorship of Flemish, French and German masters are real treasures for the inquisitive eye and curious mind. The ground floor with the "French Room" is a magnificent cloister of the European Renaissance.

 Heavy wooden tables and lava valuable ancient art artefacts, a collection of rustic kitchen utensils, consisting of an infinite series of coffee machines, pepper, silver teaspoons, copper utensils, countless souvenir beer mugs - this is a generous filling of rooms dedicated to the Belgian and German culture.

 In Kiev Antverpen Pub there is a wide range of original Belgian beer. On tap you can try the De Koninck Tri, Hoegaarden, the famous Kwak, original Palm, Speciale Belge, and with Leffe Blonde Leffe Brune. Beer in Antverpen Pub is served with a small snack, according to Belgium traditions.

In Antverpen Pub the gests can not only taste delicious food and spend time in comfortable atmosphere, but also have cultural relax, getting a lot of impressions from the contemplation of many antiques.

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