Duck Pub (The "Gus")

The Duck pub is situated in the very historical centre of Kiev in the district of Podol and is known for its perfect price-quality ratio. The pub is quite new, but for the short time of its existence it has obtained an army of frequenters.

The duck is a symbol of the Duck pub and it meets the visitors on the signboard of the pub. The exterior is represented by the wooden front, it makes the building more friendly-looking. The Duck pub also profitably stands out for its main decoration and attracts the attention of all the passers-by. In the hall you can also see many interesting signs, some of them are quite funny. Right at the entrance there is a bar with a menu. Thus each visitor can look through it, know more about drinks, snacks and meals offered and choose some positions at once (or just make a plan to come here later). This is very comfortable, indeed, for it saves your time.

The interior of the Duck pub is also predominantly wooden, in green colours. Of course, the main attention is paid to the symbol of the place, the duck. You can see the birds in the numerous pictures, as statuettes or stuffed birds. There are also symbolic glasses for beer with pictures of the duck.

Despite the fact the pub is rather small in size, all the conditions for good rest are created here. for example, you can always watch your favourite football match or some other sport event here, in a company of old friends. The survey of plazma screen is perfect from any place.

The beer assortment of the pub is been renewed constantly. Ttoday it offers you such sorts as Blanche de Bruxelles, Krušovice Černé, Hoegaarden, ,Krušovice Imperial, some sorts of Ukrainian beer and special "duck beer" of the pub.

Thus if you want to spend an evening in a good company, drinking cool beer and watching some sport program, so come here!

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