Porter Pub

Porter Pub hails the travelers of beer of Times, age and all the people. The brand features of all Porter pubs network is presented in full measure in Porter bar on Kontraktovaya square. Here it is always merrily, noisy, smoky and musically. Well just exactly what a man needs. A pub on Kontraktovaya could not go without a stage for musicians and famous groups who appear in each beer bar of Porter network. The price and comfortable atmosphere inspire a good mood and relax. Your time here can also brighten beautiful escorts girls of Kiev. Charming, elegance and sexual, they know how to impress the guests. Escorts models will be a gem of the evening.

Porter pub network began to work four years ago. Since then an amount of its institutions had been grown in Kiev to eight. Some "Porters" are big bars, situated in the separate buildings, where meaningful events are held. The network of Porter pub presents three sorts of its brand "portos" beer; among them are light ale, brown and honey. It must be noted that ale here is always fresh and of high quality. Besides that Porter offers to its guests other seven sorts of draught beer. A wide range of snacks are served for beer, including traditional shrimps, cheese, basturma, smoked pork ears with souse and so on.

Out of the first course you will be offered borsch and two kinds of soup, in "hot dishes" menu there is an impressive list of pork, chicken, beef with different souse. Pancakes, salads and sandwiches are not left aside.

According to the advantages of Kiev Porter Pub, it must be noted a good observing scene with a comfortable wooden dance floor at the centre of an oblong hall. A standard set of bands play there every night and sometimes on this scene the large scale events such as presentations of albums of popular performers and small festivals are held.

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