To Dublin Pub

Kiev To Dublin Pub is just one stronghold of Irish merriment on a Left bank. Daily translations of sport events and music groups make this institution unique. Lovers of Celtic dances come here to shake a leg to the live music.

Atmosphere of To Dublin is perhaps its main "chip". It can be called as unique one, every guest gets under its charm and after first visiting always wants to come back. Mischievous title of pub initially makes everyone to fun and rest. Warm colours predominate in every hall. There are soft and cosy furniture, impressive wooden tables in which it is safe to punch if a favourite player misses. By the way speaking a bout football it must be mentioned that there is a sufficient number of large plasma screens.

Kiev To Dublin Pub did not forget the fact that Ireland is a cultural European country and did not restrict only by TV. All bookcases are filled with English literature. Antique things brought from Ireland add special ethnic favour.

The guests will be pleasant amused by authentic Irish cuisine. Seafood is widely used in Irish cookery. Preparing fish and marine products is means to cook them with feeling. In order to feel it better, order a fillet in crispy breading bullheads. Do not forget to try the neck of tiger shrimps with tomato souse "Dream Irishman" serving in the pot. This dish is cooked in a special recipe caught in Norwegian fish merchants, and you hardly tasted anything more delicious and unusual. A beer is served here of 16 sorts. To Dublin Pub offers to its guests Harp, Krusovice, Murphys, Guinness, Nyukas Brown Ale, Erdinger, Varshtayner, Carlsberg, Lviv beer.

 To Dublin Pub is impossible without music. Melodies sung by talented musicians are heard from Wednesday till Saturday. Among them there is original Celtic folk, classic rock, rock and roll and beat, and of course bewitching blues.

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