Beer restaurant "Lucky Pub"

"Lucky Pub" is a beer restaurant in the center of Kiev, marvelous place in Ukraine for having a good time. At first sight it may seem that "Lucky Pub" has nothing to do with restaurants as it even felt from the name of it. But when you enter it and order some dish you will see that it has the level of service of the best fashionable restaurants in Ukraine. It is often visited by famous sportsmen of Ukraine, for example, Serhiy Bubka is often here to have at least a cap of tea.

"Lucky Pub" is a very merry place where cold beer in a warm atmosphere is waiting for you every day from 11 am to 01 pm. In "Lucky Pub" are the best snacks and good mood. The restaurants of Kiev differ from other places by their special atmosphere, and this place is not an exception. It is noisy, joyfully and crowded in "Lucky Pub". Here are many happy people who know what a real rest is. If you are tired of official dinners and serious atmosphere and would like to have a good time in the company of a beautiful girl from escorts or your friends come to "Lucky Pub". Then you will have a good luck and spend not only interesting evening with your girl from escorts but maybe also a night.

"Lucky pub" is a place where everyone will have a good luck at least at something. Its atmosphere is not similar to any other restaurants in Kiev. It is equipped by 11 widescreen plasmas for watching your favorite sporting events, broadcast of the best sports events, more than 20 varieties of draft beer from Germany, Ireland, England and Ukraine. People say that it is one of the luckiest beer restaurants in the city. Come and check it. Try your luck.

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