Cafe de Paris, classical French cuisine in Kiev

Café de Paris

Café de Paris is a restaurant in Kiev offering its guests best meals of classical French cuisine and warm atmosphere. The restaurant is open from 9.00 and works till last client leaves it.

So, traditional French meals are the essence of the place. Here you will be offered rather big portions of original and author’s meals. Each client is welcomed by the polite and efficient personnel of the Café de Paris.

The building looks a beautiful spot on the background of wonderful Kiev scenery. Thus café de Paris is a kind of fairy bridge connecting historical Kiev and Paris. The restaurant is located near the Andreevskiy Spusk, main art street of the city. And the visitors can watch people moving constantly to and fro, while the guests of the Café de Paris can enjoy a cup of aromatic coffee. You can have a seat in a cozy arm-chair and dream of distant places and beautiful French streets… and then a reality will turn to be more pleasant and promising. This is an effect of positive influence of the restaurant.

 The restaurant is also a great place for arranging private or business meetings, dates for loving couples. Average tourists also like to have rest at this cozy and well-planned restaurant with roomy halls and beautiful open summer terrace.

The menu of the restaurant attracts with tasty names of meals: soups, salads, etc. If you visit the place, so try famous French frog’s legs. From time to time the chef offers the visitors author’s dishes, also delicious and original. Grill menu is valid during summer time when the open terrace of the restaurant is meeting the guests in a cozy patio. If you have a sweet tooth, so you will also find a lot of attractive positions in the menu of the restaurant. The chef takes care of all the visitors and makes his best to satisfy the most different tastes.

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