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Dejavu Restaurant

"Dejavu" Restaurant is a legendary place in Kiev which is treated in Ukraine as an icon of music, style and atmosphere of drive. It does not look like other restaurants in Kiev and even in Ukraine. It is like a museum of cool bikes and all other attributes of the masters of classical rock. This music and style is eternal.  The restaurants with such design and idea are evidences of that fact. There are many fans of classical rock and they also like to go to the restaurants but not simple. They always choose the restaurants which suit the topic and bring back to the memory the times when classical rock was flourishing. It is so pleasant for them to sit in such restaurants for the whole day looking at the posers with famous rock stars, eating favorite Home European food and listening to this magic music – rock. There are not so many places like this in Ukraine so, if you are a real fan of rock music you should definitely come to Kiev and feel the atmosphere.

If you come to Ukraine on business and would like to spend your personal free time in the company of the girl from escorts in some special place without a strict suit you are welcome to "Dejavu". It is opened from 12 am to 02 pm. There are different kinds of halls, children’s menu and a special place for dancing – summer terrace. There is plenty of room for everyone. Here is felt the spirit of freedom which we all like so much but often lose it in our everyday routine. But it’s really needed sometimes let yourself feel free.

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